Beneficial Topsoil & Bark Mulch

Transform your property into a pristine outdoor paradise with the help of AJ materials in New City, New York. Our associates offer an assortment of topsoil and bark mulch that is perfect for decorating your yard while eliminating weeds.

Benefits of Mulch
Mulch provides many benefits beyond just the improved appearance of your landscaping. Mulch can prevent weeds, protect a plant's roots, and add needed nutrients to the soil. At AJ Materials, we offer a wide selection of mulch types and colors to go with any landscaping or gardening project.

Rich Soil
Topsoil is the upper part of the soil and is the most important layer of your landscape or garden. This is because topsoil contains the nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive. Some areas may have depleted topsoil, which lacks the proper nutrients and textural balance needed to support the growth of vegetation. AJ Materials offers many options to fit your gardening needs.


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