Decorative Stone & Aggregates

Transform your property into a pristine outdoor paradise with AJ Materials of New City, New York. Whether you wish to update your driveway or simply add a unique look to your yard, our decorative stone and aggregates are a versatile and striking solution.


Ornamental Stone
At AJ Materials, we offer a large selection of decorative landscape stone to provide many beneficial upgrades to your project. Our team offers stone for retaining walls, patio stone, pavers, edgers, and more.

Sand & Gravel
Both sand and gravel can be used as aggregate materials for landscaping projects, such as a base for a fountain, rock garden, or pathway. No matter the project, we have the materials you need to fit your vision. We offer sand and gravel in large or small quantities to help you complete your project correctly.

Crushed Stone
Crushed stone is durable and can serve as an excellent ground cover or pathway in your landscaping. Whether you need help solving drainage issues or would like to add textural appeal, crushed rock will benefit any landscape or garden project.

Contact us to modernize your home or office with our selection of sand and gravel.